Delaware Investments® closed-end funds

Delaware Investments offers a variety of closed-end funds. Closed-end funds differ from open-end mutual funds in that only a fixed number of shares are made available for investors, unlike open-end mutual funds which continually offer shares to investors. After being issued during a one-time-only initial public offering (IPO), shares of closed-end funds trade on the open exchange. Because they are open to market demand, the market price of those shares may be valued higher or lower than the fund's net asset value (NAV). Closed-end funds provide an investor the opportunity to purchase shares at a premium or discount to the fund's NAV.

Unlike open-end mutual funds, closed-end funds only offer a prospectus to investors at the time of the fund's IPO. Subsequent changes to a closed-end fund's investment strategy or managers are made available to the public via press releases issued by the funds.

Closed-end funds

Dividend information

To view monthly dividend information for the Delaware Investments closed-end funds listed above, please visit our press releases page.

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