Separate accounts

Separate accounts are individually managed, affording clients the opportunity to customize the management of their portfolio by including or excluding certain types of securities, sectors, or segments within a given asset class. Separate accounts are generally best suited for larger investment mandates. The minimum account size is typically $10 million USD for U.S. investments.

We offer U.S. equity and fixed income investments as separate accounts. Below, you will find our various separate account strategies and links to our fact sheets and team pages.



Real Estate Securities and Income Solutions (RESIS) team

  • Global Real Estate Securities
  • U.S. Real Estate Securities

U.S. Core Equity

Core Equity team

  • Large-Cap Core Equity
  • Small-Cap Core Equity
  • Socially Responsible Environmental, Social and Governance

Global/International Equity

Emerging Markets team

  • Emerging Markets Equity

Focus Growth Equity team

  • Focus Global Growth Equity

Global and International Value Equity team

  • Global Value Equity
  • International Value Equity

U.S. Growth Equity

Focus Growth Equity team

  • All-Cap Growth Equity
  • Large-Cap Growth Equity
  • Select 20 Growth Equity
  • Smid-Cap Growth/Focus Equity

U.S. Value Equity

Large-Cap Value Equity team

  • Large-Cap Value – Focus

Small-Cap Value / Mid-Cap Value Equity team

  • Mid-Cap Value Equity
  • Small-Cap Value Equity

Fixed Income

Fixed Income team

Taxable Fixed Income group

  • Convertibles
  • Core Focus Fixed Income
  • Core Plus Fixed Income
  • Corporate Bond Fixed Income
  • Floating-Rate Multisector Fixed Income
  • High-Yield Focus Fixed Income
  • Inflation-Protected Bond Fixed Income
  • Insurance
  • Intermediate Fixed Income
  • Limited-Term Fixed Income
  • Limited-Term Multisector Fixed Income
  • Long-Duration Fixed Income
  • Long Duration Government / Credit Fixed Income
  • Long Duration Investment Grade Fixed Income
  • Multisector Fixed Income
  • Private Placements

Municipal Bonds group

  • Municipal Intermediate Fixed Income