Focus Growth Equity team

"Play to win, not to avoid losing."

Focus Growth Equity team motto

We are growth investors who believe attractive returns can be realized through holding a concentrated portfolio of companies that have, in our opinion: 

  • Enhanced business models
  • Strong cash flows
  • The opportunity to generate consistent, long-term growth of intrinsic business value

We believe our differentiated growth philosophy, emphasizing intrinsic business value and cash economics, sets us apart from the competition. In addition, we believe one of our main strengths is our flat team structure — everyone on the team is first and foremost an analyst. 

Our analysts:

  • Are generalists charged with finding the most attractive investment ideas, irrespective of sector, market cap, or geography
  • Conduct individual research and contribute to the debate on other team members' stock suggestions

Although a consensus tends to emerge on each new stock, it is the lead portfolio manager's decision whether or not to purchase it, and if so, at what portfolio weight. In our view, a spirited, intensive, title-free debate is the best way to determine the "truth" for each business being evaluated.

Separate account strategies managed:

  • All-Cap Growth Equity
  • Focus Global Growth Equity
  • Large-Cap Growth Equity
  • Select 20 Growth Equity
  • Smid-Cap Growth/Focus Equity