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10 time-saving apps for your practice

Growing your practice takes time and patience. And as you travel that road, efficiency can go a long way. 

So let me ask.

Do you use technology to your advantage?

If you answered “yes,” then good for you. You’ve got a leg up. But if you’re like a lot of advisors, you may still be getting the lay of the land — if you even have the time to do that.

Here’s my suggestion: set aside an hour. It could be a Tuesday afternoon. It could be Sunday after the kids go to bed. Get on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device, and hold tryouts. Build out your team of favored apps that you can start to use regularly. 

A more efficient practice can be right there at your fingertips. It's just a matter of knowing where to begin... 

Download these apps and get started today



cardmunch iconConvert business cards into address book contacts by using the camera on your mobile phone to scan colleagues’ card information and then connect with them on LinkedIn.



Evernote iconOrganize your thoughts with this app that helps you take notes, create to-do lists, and record voice reminders, which can then be accessed on your phone, tablet, or desktop.



flipboard iconGenerate your own fully customized daily magazine, complete with articles and pictures that you choose from across a wide range of news organizations.



Leverage your time and save articles, e-mails, blogs, and various types of webpages to your iPad or iPhone for offline viewing.



linkedin iconCreate an online resume, build your personal brand, connect with colleagues, search for prospects, and receive referrals on this business networking site.


SayHi Translate

sayhi iconUse your voice to speak in more than 35 languages and dialects and interpret text with this universal translator.


Scanner Pro

scannerpro iconTransform your iPhone or iPad into a scanner and convert your documents, receipts, and notes into PDF files, which can then be printed, shared, or saved.



Turn your iPhone or iPad into a PowerPoint presentation tool.



tripit iconConsolidate your trip details and create one simplified itinerary that can be synched with your calendar, and then shared or accessed on your iPhone or iPad.



WunderlistManage your schedule of meetings with clients and other events with this helpful to-do list app.

So what’s next?

Take the time to do your research.

The key is to find apps (including those listed above) that work for you, and that can help you manage your day-to-day a little (or a lot) more efficiently.

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