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Enhance your CRM efforts with LinkedIn Contacts

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an important part of every advisor's practice. 

And LinkedIn has become a staple tool for helping advisors build their networks and maintain relationships.

Wouldn't it make sense to be able to do the one with the other?

You can with LinkedIn Contacts, a free feature available on LinkedIn's Basic Package.

An information home base

LinkedIn Contacts' CRM tools lie in its "Relationship" feature. Visit a LinkedIn contact's profile and you'll notice the "Relationship" tab (alongside a "Contact Info" tab) beneath the person's profile photo.

This is where you can add notes about a contact, set reminders, describe "How you met," and add tags to identify the type of relationship you have (choose from LinkedIn's set tags or create your own).

Relationship tab

Good to know: Any information you add on a contact's "Relationship" tab can be seen only by you.

Sync with ease

You can also use LinkedIn Contacts to sync your LinkedIn network with your other address books, e-mail accounts, and calendars to keep them up to date in one place.

From your synched sources, LinkedIn can automatically pull in past e-mail conversations and calendar entries linked to specific contacts. By collecting this information from various places, you can see a fuller picture of your relationships in LinkedIn.

How to sync

To sync an account, navigate to Contact Settings by clicking on "Network" in the navigation bar, then "Contacts."


On the Contacts page, click the settings icon in the top right corner:

Settings icon

In Contact Settings you can sync information from your Google and Yahoo accounts or Outlook, as well as applications such as Evernote and TripIt.

Contact Settings

Putting it together

Here's how it might work.

Let's say Mary Smith is a LinkedIn connection. You've sent each other a few notes through LinkedIn, so when you view Mary's LinkedIn profile, those conversations appear on the "Relationship" tab.

You've also corresponded with Mary via e-mail recently. If you sync your e-mail account with LinkedIn, then those conversations would also appear on the "Relationship" tab of Mary's LinkedIn profile, visible only to you.

Now on the "Relationship" tab of Mary's LinkedIn profile, you can see a more complete history of your correspondence, along with any notes and reminders you've added about your relationship.

Download the LinkedIn Contacts app

With the LinkedIn Contacts app, available at no charge in Apple's app store, you can sync your iPhone address book and access all of the CRM functionality of LinkedIn Contacts on the go.

Had a great conversation over coffee with a prospect who's a LinkedIn connection? After the meeting, use your iPhone to add notes to the contact's profile while the coffee's still hot.

The iPhone app also has a "To Do" list that automatically alerts you about your contacts' birthdays and work anniversaries, and any reminders you've created for contacts — another way to stay in touch and top of mind with important connections.

LinkedIn Contacts app

I hope you find these tips useful as you continue your CRM efforts. To learn more about networking and managing relationships with LinkedIn, contact your Delaware Investments® regional director today.

D. Bruce Johnston speaks regularly with wealth managers and financial advisors nationwide about social media engagement strategy, often in partnership with Delaware Investments® regional directors.

He is a 30-year financial services career sales executive and a social media expert. His website is dedicated exclusively to the social media, technology, and digital marketing needs of financial advisors.

FINRA regulates the use of social media. Advisors should consult their compliance departments about restrictions regarding the use of social media before accessing any social media networks for a business purpose.

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